The Ranch Today

    With the exception of nearby Philipsburg (population approximately 930 persons), you will put anywhere from 30 to 50 miles of mountains, meadows, lakes and streams between yourself and any real evidence of civilization once you arrive at The Ranch. Whether you’re looking for big mountain adventure, peaceful strolls by Rock Creek,

    relaxing spa treatments or all three, you’ve arrived at the right place. While we can’t take credit for the scenery, we have designed our guest ranch to offer a unique Western style of a luxury getaway. From the carefully decorated rooms in the Granite Lodge to the unforgettable ‘glamping’ experience' in our Canvas Cabins,

    we have strived to maximize your comfort, enhance your enjoyment and allow you to relax fully. No matter what you have come here looking for or who you’re traveling with, The Ranch offers something for everyone and many unforgettable memories will be made.