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The Granite Spa‘s yoga program focuses on unplugging from an urban setting and tapping into our natural surroundings. Sessions are available in a wide variety of styles in private indoor spaces or outdoor locations year-round. In addition to private classes, our certified instructors offer a weekly complimentary Vinyasa or Slow Flow yoga class.

Private Yoga Classes
1-5 people – 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $225
6-10 people – 60 Minutes $175 | 90 Minutes $255
Please consult your Ranch Ambassador for larger group pricing.

Yoga Practices

Vinyasa Flow
Our certified instructor will lead you through a customized flow that blends Iyengar alignment with the fluidity of vinyasa. This practice improves strength and flexibility relying on the union of breath and movement. Poses can be modified to suit everyone from newcomers to advanced yogis.

Slow Flow
Channel our relaxed pastoral pace with a gentle Hatha Flow class. Sustained holds and restorative postures make this the ideal choice for yoga beginners or adventurers looking to stretch overworked muscles.

Snowga (Winter Season, Weather Dependent)
During the winter months, hike, snowshoe or cross-country ski to a mountain top or a forest nook, where a customized yoga class syncs you with the senses of winter and warm tea replenishes your body.

Evening Restorative Yoga
Recuperate after an active day on The Ranch with a therapeutic restorative yoga class. Using props and bolsters, a certified yoga teacher will guide you through two to five-minute holds aimed at opening hips, mobilizing shoulders and achieving deep relaxation. A perfect practice to bolster your body’s healing response and revitalize your muscles for tomorrow’s adventures.

Partner Yoga
Cooperative yoga allows participants to try deeper poses and connect further with their partner in a playful way. We blend Thai massage moves with traditional yoga to make this class a full hour of bodywork, stretching and relaxation. Partner yoga classes are specially designed for two participants, although classes can accommodate several sets of partners.

Family Yoga
Our certified yoga instructors blend yoga and play to create an engaging experience for the whole family. Drawing from a wide range of practices and poses, this class is an excellent opportunity for families to turn a wellness exercise into a treasured memory.

Adventure Yoga
The Big Sky’s the limit with adventure yoga! Utilize our robust, all-inclusive activities program to move beyond the four corners of the mat and into a unique and inspiring yoga practice. For example, ride on horseback to the Top of the World where you’ll salute the sun from a mountain peak, or still your mind with a combination of yoga and meditation before hitting the archery range. Other favorite combinations include mountain biking, hiking and shooting sports.


Meditation Class
Start your morning or end your day in a mindful way. Our instructors will guide you through a soothing meditation, allowing you take an inner journey while on vacation. Available in outdoor or indoor settings, based on season.
1-5 people – 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $225
6-10 people – 60 Minutes $175 | 90 Minutes $255

Forest Bathing
Tune your mind into the healing benefits of the natural world. Inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, our forest bathing practice uses The Ranch’s natural alpine forest as a source of meaningful sensory connection. Studies have shown that mindful time in nature reduces the stress hormone cortisol, lowers blood pressure, elevates mood and can even boost your body’s immune response. This guided experience is ideal for individuals, couples, friends and family members, and it is a wonderful way to help children interact with nature.
1-5 people – 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $225
6-10 people – 60 Minutes $175 | 90 Minutes $255

RanchFit Natural Movement Training

RanchFit One-on-One Training
Get inspired to reach higher peaks with a challenging workout utilizing our sweeping outdoor terrain. Through a series of natural movement exercises, you and your certified personal trainer will channel a feeling of childlike flow and creative play. There’s no need for gym equipment when the natural world is full of bodyweight challenges, like jumping over logs, throwing boulders and running at a mile above sea level. This one-hour class focuses on endurance, strength training and stretching, but can be customized to fit seamlessly with your own training regimen.
60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $225

RanchFit Small Group Training
Vacations and work retreats are opportunities to connect and bond with family and coworkers. Allow us to customize a creative, fun and engaging outdoor workout for your small group. Nature provides the challenges and strength training equipment, such as hills, logs and boulders, while our certified personal trainers occasionally incorporate Ranch tasks inspired by ranchers themselves and their efforts to work and live off the land.
2-5 people – 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $225
6-10 people – 60 Minutes $175 | 90 Minutes $255

Group Fitness
Granite Spa personal trainers and yoga instructors offer year-round group fitness classes, such as yoga and natural movement, designed to keep your body in top physical shape while you’re on vacation. Please inquire with a Ranch Ambassador or view our seasonal itineraries for information on seasonal group fitness offerings.
2-5 people – 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $225
6-10 people – 60 Minutes $175 | 90 Minutes $255

Wellness Coaching

Insight Session
We believe in the transformational power of experiential travel. Immersion and play in a natural environment has been shown to boost focus, problem-solving skills and creativity. An insight session can help you realign with your core beliefs or work through a personal rut. Our resident professional wellness coach is available for indoor or outdoor sessions to help you get to the next level.
60 Minutes: $180 | 90 Minutes: $270

Group Insight
Moving out of the office and into nature creates opportunities for teams to reflect and improve group dynamics. A group insight session with our professional wellness coach can help connect individual personal goals with broader team targets. Team-building activities develop trust, communication pathways and work-life balance, so your corporate retreat leads to more effective, positive and streamlined collaboration.
120 Minutes: $360 | 240 Minutes: $720 | 360 Minutes: $1,080

Spa Hours & Etiquette

  • Spa Hours & Reservations
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Appointments
  • Summer spa hours are 10am to 7pm for treatments and 8am to 7pm for mind-body services.
  • Spring, fall and winter spa hours are 10am to 6pm.
  • Treatments outside of standard hours are available upon request. An extra fee of 20% will be added at time of service for appointments outside spa hours.
  • We encourage you to contact us prior to your arrival to ensure the appointment times and treatments you prefer. You may confirm and book with your Ranch Ambassador.
  • When scheduling spa treatments, please inform us of any health conditions you have so we may better serve you.

As a courtesy to our guests and due to limited availability, we require a minimum of eight hours notice for cancellation of treatments, classes or practices. Guests who are unable to join us for their scheduled appointment will be charged the full listed price.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • We recommend that you limit your alcohol consumption prior to your Granite Spa experience. Our staff aspires to create a courteous and calm environment for our guests and employees. We thank you for supporting this important mission.
  • Late arrivals will conclude at the scheduled time in order to maintain the highest level of service standards for each guest. Complete service fees still apply for late arrivals.
  • A gratuity of 20% will be automatically added to all treatments.