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Our Montana spa treatments emphasize relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. All of our services are customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of each guest.

Treatments include access to the Granite Spa cedar sauna. Guests who receive a facial treatment will also receive a personalize gift to continue their skin’s rejuvenation after leaving The Ranch.

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Facials and Waxing

Offered for both cowgirls and cowboys by our esthetician. Prices vary according to service.
15 Minutes: $60 | 30 Minutes: $110 | 60 Minutes: $150

Big Sky Facial
Montana’s mountain grandeur and unique ecology are more than a feast for the eyes—at the Granite Spa they can be experienced through the skin! We will apply exclusively foraged Montana products to your skin, including honey, dandelion, huckleberries and willow bark. This signature treatment is formulated to relieve the stresses of travel, reduce blemishes and release toxins, revealing radiant and pristine skin you can’t get anywhere but in Big Sky Country.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Cucumber Cooling Facial
Adventuring in the elements can test the limits of your skin as well as your body and mind. Let the Granite Spa revive and rejuvenate your skin with the cooling benefits of cucumber, aloe and a blend of therapeutic grade oils. Cucumber gives dilated blood vessels stability, while aloe offers increased hydration. DoTERRA therapeutic grade oils are applied with cold rocks to tighten and tone the skin— keeping it revitalized and healthy all summer long.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Rock Creek Custom Facial
Our world-class esthetician will consult with you to create the optimal facial treatment for your skin’s needs. The treatment will include a series of cleanses, exfoliation, steam, massage and mask and conclude with an application of moisturizer.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Berries and Citrus Back Facial
Pamper your hard-working back with a custom “facial.” A deep citrus cleanse releases tension and speeds up the cell regeneration process. Enjoy exfoliation with a luxurious blend of organic berries and pink salt to slough off dead skin cells and reveal bright, healthy skin. A local clay mask penetrates the pores and releases toxins from the body. Concluding with a thorough application of sun protection, your back will be ready to soak up the summer sun.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Skalkaho Back Facial
Our esthetician will imbue your back with a deep hydrating cleanse. Followed by rich exfoliation and steam to help your body detox and absorb beneficial nutrients. Light massage transcends your skin and muscles into a state of relaxation, complemented by a rejuvenating mask to help your skin remain strong and resilient during everyday ranch life. Finally, finished with a lavish moisturizer.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Fisherman’s Facial
The sun, dirt and sweat can wear on your skin. In this treatment, gentlemen will receive a customized skin care experience using The Ranch at Rock Creek’s signature aromatherapy blends to help rejuvenate and revitalize skin.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Facial with Reflexology
Take your custom facial to the next level by adding the ancient healing art of reflexology. Your therapists will work in tandem to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate your nervous system from the inside out during this luxurious session.
60 Minutes: $395

Bodywork and Body Treatments

Rock Creek Cold Stone Massage
When the heat of the summer leaves your body feeling fatigued and dehydrated, let the Granite Spa invigorate it with a refreshing chill. Enjoy a massage utilizing cold basalt stones to deliver long delicate strokes, refresh sore tired muscles and stimulate a balance of peace and tranquility.
60 Minutes: $205 | 90 Minutes: $285

Sapphire Scrub and Soothe
While in sapphire country, indulge in a blue ribbon treatment that restores the integumentary, lymphatic and muscular systems to pristine shape. Using a handmade blend of organic blueberries, Montana huckleberries, sugar, Shea butter and oil, this extravagant azure scrub triggers a deep cleanse while stimulating stagnant lymph and lactic build up in muscles. It will leave you feeling as precious as a sapphire.
60 Minutes: $190 | 90 Minutes: $270

Herbal Compress Massage
Imbue the healing benefits of locally harvested herbs, flowers and spices into your system with ancient techniques designed to promote optimal health, decrease inflammation and soothe sore, tired muscles. Herbal compress massage has been used for millennia to alleviate all manner of ailments. Treat your senses to a luxurious blend of healing, aromatic flora to simultaneously renew your body and mind.
60 Minutes: $205 | 90 Minutes: $285

Montana Huckleberry Shea Butter Rock Creek Ritual
Using ingredients both sweet and savory, this three-step ritual revitalizes and hydrates from head to toe. Start with a pink Himalayan sea salt and coconut oil scrub, followed by a freshly blended local Huckleberry shea butter moisturizing wrap. Conclude with 60 or 90-minute restorative massage.
120 Min: $370 | 150 Min: $450

Restorative Massage
Hands-on bodywork tailored to your needs. The massage therapist may integrate Swedish, deep tissue, sports/orthopedic, cupping, and any other specialized techniques into your session.
60 Minutes: $170 | 90 Minutes: $250

Saddle Sore Soak
A soothing soak in our jetted tub filled with bubble bath, Epson salt and essential oils. Followed by a bodywork treatment. The perfect way to conclude your day of horseback riding around The Ranch.
105 Minutes: $300

Rock Creek Hot Stone Massage
Heated basalt stones deliver long flowing strokes, to ease muscle soreness and bring balance to the mind and body.
60 Minutes: $205 | 90 Minutes: $285

Rock Creek Ritual
Full body exfoliating scrub with a hydrating wrap. Finished with a shea butter and sunflower oil application and bodywork.
120 Minutes: $370 | 150 Minutes: $495

Head, Hands, & Feet Rejuvenation
A soothing foot soak, followed by a hot rock massage and moisturizing treatment for the hands and feet. Finished with a therapeutic face and scalp massage.
60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $270

Raindrop Therapy
This perfect treatment for recovering travelers uses high-grade essential oils to reduce stress and enhance the immune system. A total of eight doTERRA essential oils will be specially sequenced down the spine and feet to optimize the medicinal effects and bring your body into perfect homeostasis. As the skin absorbs the oils, you will delight in 45 minutes of foot and head massage. Includes a gift of essential oils.
60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Homestead Sole
An aromatherapy foot soak with nutrient-rich extracts that ease muscle tension and detoxify feet. Finished with a hot rock massage with a paraffin moisturizing treatment.
20 Minutes (Soak Only): $50 | 45 Minutes: $150

Scrub & Soothe
Full body sea salt and coconut oil scrub, followed by a shea butter and sunflower oil application and bodywork.
60 Minutes: $190 | 90 Minutes: $270

Four Hands Massage
Two therapists perform a synchronized massage, harmonizing their techniques together to create the ultimate relaxation experience.
60 Minutes: $375

Family Spa Menu

The family menu below is specifically designed for you and your family to enjoy the Granite Spa together. It is a collection of unique treatments tailored to guests traveling with their families. Please consult with a Granite Spa specialist to address the appropriate duration of a treatment for your child’s age.

Restorative Massage
Hands-on bodywork tailored to meet your child’s needs. Touch is the first sense to develop in human beings and is essential to healthy development. Our children’s massage sessions are designed to help kids develop a positive relationship with touch, reduce stress and strengthen the body’s relaxation response.
30 Minutes: $120 Ages 7-12 | 60 Minutes: $170 Ages 13 and above

Learn to Massage Class
Discover the benefits of couples or family massage during a private educational session. A therapist will give hands-on instruction and guidance during a relaxing massage performed on a lucky family member of your choice. You’ll learn professional massage philosophy and techniques that you can enjoy long after you return from your travels.
30 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $225 | 90 Minutes: $295

Prenatal Massage
This is a specialized treatment for mothers that will facilitate overall relaxation by honoring the profound changes that the body is undergoing. Enjoy a relaxing full body massage while being surrounded by pure pillow bliss.
60 Minutes: $170 | 90 Minutes: $250

Rock Creek Custom Facial & Scalp Massage
Steamed towels, massage and our three-step custom facial rejuvenation treatment tailored to your specific needs.
30 Minutes: $150 Adults | 60 Minutes: $225 Adults | 90 Minutes: $295 Adults
30 Minutes: $150 Children