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Granite Spa treatments are inspired by the unique environs and spirit of adventure at the world’s only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star guest ranch. We are the first professional spa to partner with natural, organic skincare companies Little Barn Apothecary and Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy. All of our services are customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of each guest. Treatments include access to the Granite Spa cedar sauna. For combined treatments and half-day retreats, view our signature experiences.

Signature Experiences  Book an Appointment

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Body Treatments

Saddle Sore Soak
Go that extra mile on horseback or mountain bike with the knowledge that you have a luxurious natural spa treatment in your future. Sink into our jetted tub filled with Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy to pamper tired muscles and joints. Conclude with our signature Rock Creek Hot Stone Massage—a perfect balance of targeted therapy for tired limbs and deep mind and body relaxation.
105 Minutes: $300

Hiker’s Refresh
Step off the trail and into the Granite Spa for a special treatment designed to refuel your extremities. Remove your boots and soak your feet in Montana’s own Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy. Let tired digits relax in the soothing heat of a paraffin wax treatment. Conclude with a blend of reflexology and massage on your hands and feet, and you’ll look forward to tomorrow’s set of adventures.
45 Minutes: $150 | 60 Minutes: $200

Clearing Sagebrush Scrub
If you’ve ever moseyed through our Sagebrush Flats on horseback, you’d know the power of this herb to calm the mind and soothe the senses. Our therapist uses a handcrafted blend of wild-harvested Montana sage, organic coconut oil and Himalayan sea salt to exfoliate your body from head to toe. After a warm shower in our wet treatment room, you will be guided into a state of calm with the gentle application of Little Barn Apothecary’s beautifully scented Lemongrass + Mint Body Oil.
60 Minutes: $200

Bulletproof Coffee Detox Wrap
Renew and reenergize your skin cells with our signature detox treatment. Remove dead skin and improve circulation with Little Barn Apothecary’s Coffee + Mint Body Scrub. Enjoy a warm shower in our wet treatment room, before diving into the rich combination of our custom Bulletproof oil mixture and hot towel wrap. Enjoy a face and scalp massage while the brew stimulates overtaxed skin to reveal a refreshing glow.
60 Minutes: $200

Raindrop Therapy
Start off your stay with a wellness treatment perfected for road-weary travelers.  Our massage therapists use high-grade dōTerra essential oils to reduce stress and enhance the immune system. A total of eight essential oils will be specially sequenced down the spine and feet to optimize the medicinal effects and bring your body into perfect homeostasis. Delight in a head and foot massage as your skin absorbs the tailored oil application.
60 Minutes: $200

Head, Hands & Feet Rejuvenation
The Big Sky’s the limit at The Ranch at Rock Creek, but reaching our highest peaks requires some contact with earth, wind, sun and sweat. This luxury spa treatment focuses on cleansing, hydrating and massaging your face, and pampering your scalp, hands and feet with a combination of massage and warm spa towels.
60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280


Restorative Massage
Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of Swedish massage, tailored to your preferences. Our massage therapist uses warm towels and a custom blend of dōTerra essential oils to bring your mind and body into deep relaxation.
30 Minutes: $90 | 60 Minutes: $180 | 90 Minutes: $260

Deep Tissue Massage
Tackle chronic tension and muscle knots with this powerful approach to massage. In contrast to restorative massage, deep tissue massage employs trigger point therapies, myofascial release and slow, deliberate strokes to assist in the recovery of your muscles and better structural alignment. This massage is not for the faint of heart.
30 Minutes: $100 | 60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280

Rock Creek Hot Stone Massage
Luxuriate in a natural spa treatment aimed at deep mental and physical relaxation. Heated basalt stones combine the warmth and weight of sun-baked river rocks with the curative properties of massage. Hot stones are sequenced on hard-working muscle groups to target tension and improve circulation, helping bring balance to the mind and body. An ideal treatment to reduce chronic pain, release stress and recharge.
60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280

Prenatal Massage
Schedule some time for self-care during a vacation or babymoon. Our therapist tailors the treatment to your overworked feet, low back and shoulders, and finishes with a calming scalp massage. The combination of warm towels and gentle massage techniques creates an enveloping calm uniquely suited to mothers-to-be.
30 Minutes: $100 | 60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280

Adventurer’s Massage
After tackling the The Ranch’s trails and rivers, treat your body’s own therapeutic trails—the sen lines—with a Thai table massage. Our certified massage therapist utilizes Thai medicine principles, acupressure, joint mobility stretching and rhythmic palm presses. Using organic coconut oil, the massage begins with fatigued feet and works through the body’s sen lines to lengthen and stretch muscles, leaving you refreshed for the next day’s adventures.
60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280


Rock Creek Custom Facial
Just as you can never step in the same river twice, skin care needs are ever-changing. After a consultation, our esthetician will create the optimal facial treatment for your skin’s needs using our Little Barn Apothecary’s wild-harvested back bar. Elements may include cleanses, exfoliation, steam, massage, masks and a final application of moisturizer.
30 Minutes: $100 | 60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280

Fisherman’s Facial
Cap off a day on Rock Creek with this soothing antidote to the sun, sweat and dirt. During our version of a gentleman’s facial adventurers receive a customized skin care experience with cleansing, exfoliation, steam, massage, moisturizer and signature aromatherapy blends to help cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.
30 Minutes: $100 | 60 Minutes: $200 | 90 Minutes: $280

Offered for both cowgirls and cowboys by our esthetician. Prices vary according to service.
15 Minutes: $60 | 30 Minutes: $110 | 60 Minutes: $150

Hair & Nail Treatments

Garnet Nail Treatment
Whether you’ve spent the day at the shooting range, skiing or riding horses, your hands will need a little TLC. Enjoy the therapeutic combination of a hand massage and paraffin wax before our technician beautifies your digits with cuticle care and a polish application.
60 Minutes: $90

Express Manicure
Bring the shine back to your nails! Receive nail and cuticle care followed by a polish application. Chip-resistant shellac is the perfect choice for lasting ranchwear.
30 Minutes: $60

Sapphire Pedicure
Indulge in a hydrating foot soak and heavenly hand massage, followed by an exfoliating foot scrub and a moisturizing paraffin treatment. This luxury treatment concludes with nail and cuticle care and nail polish application.
60 minutes: $100

Express Pedicure
Indulge in a hydrating soak, an exfoliating scrub and a moisturizing massage. This treatment also includes nail, cuticle care and nail polish application.
30 minutes: $80

Hair Care
Men’s Hair Cut: $50
Women’s Hair Cut: $75
Blowout: $75
Blowout Style: $80 – 100
Updo Hairstyles Start At: $125
Scalp Massage: $20 | Add-on Only

Wedding Hair & Makeup
The Granite Spa invites talented hair and makeup artists from around Montana to help you look beautiful for your special day. We would love to discuss your beauty plan and prepare a quote for you. Please inquire at spa@theranchatrockcreek.com.

Blissful Additions

Homestead Sole
An aromatherapy foot soak with nutrient-rich extracts that ease muscle tension.
20 Minutes: $50

Soaking Tub
Sink into our tub for a 20-minute soak using Medicine Springs Mineral Therapy, formulated with the same minerals that fill Montana’s geothermal springs. Surrounded by candles and peaceful music, this is a fantastic addition to any luxury spa treatment.
20 Minutes: $50

Paraffin Treatment
Add a warm and moisturizing paraffin application to any Granite Spa body treatment or signature experience.
Feet: $15 | Hands: $15 | Hands & Feet: $30

Warm Oil Scalp Massage
Our therapist will employ Little Barn Apothecary’s delightfully-scented Lemon + Mint Body Oil  or Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil to moisturize your roots, during a sublime scalp massage.
10 Minutes: $20

Guided Meditation
Start your massage with a 10-minute guided meditation to prime the mind for deep relaxation.
10 Minutes: $25

Spa Hours & Etiquette

  • Spa Hours & Reservations
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Appointments
  • Summer spa hours are 10am to 7pm for treatments and 8am to 7pm for mind-body services.
  • Spring, fall and winter spa hours are 10am to 6pm.
  • Treatments outside of standard hours are available upon request. An extra fee of 20% will be added at time of service for appointments outside spa hours.
  • We encourage you to contact us prior to your arrival to ensure the appointment times and treatments you prefer. You may confirm and book with your Ranch Ambassador.
  • When scheduling spa treatments, please inform us of any health conditions you have so we may better serve you.

As a courtesy to our guests and due to limited availability, we require a minimum of eight hours notice for cancellation of treatments, classes or practices. Guests who are unable to join us for their scheduled appointment will be charged the full listed price.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • We recommend that you limit your alcohol consumption prior to your Granite Spa experience. Our staff aspires to create a courteous and calm environment for our guests and employees. We thank you for supporting this important mission.
  • Late arrivals will conclude at the scheduled time in order to maintain the highest level of service standards for each guest. Complete service fees still apply for late arrivals.
  • A gratuity of 20% will be automatically added to all treatments.