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Shooting Sports


The Experience

Shooting is a Montana tradition with deep roots in our history. It is also a rich part of modern identity to a large group of responsible multi-generational sportspeople. The Ranch at Rock Creek offers an unmatchable multi-faceted set of ranges and activities that experts and novices alike find challenging and enjoyable. Our guides train each guest on safety guidelines, proper handling and techniques with all equipment to ensure a safe experience for everyone. Through private instruction and a controlled environment, guests can develop new abilities while achieving a sense of accomplishment. Our program is designed to teach skills and safety to first-time shooters while giving experienced marksmen an opportunity to test their abilities.

Rimfire Range

The rimfire range offers a great opportunity for an introduction to shooting sports. Dug into a hillside on the Eastern side of The Ranch, the range’s covered shooting stand offers protection from the elements. Using small caliber rifles and pistols with very little recoil, guests can practice hitting steel reactive targets at distances between 10 and 100 yards. These reactive targets engage the senses by flipping, moving and making noise when a shooter hits his or her mark. Targets include a dueling shooting tree for optional competitive shooting.

Pistol Range

Most everyone can enjoy the excitement of shooting pistols, envisioning the cowboys and outlaws in the days of the Montana territories. Learn to use semi-automatic, single and double action pistols on our covered pistol range that provides relief from sun and rain on 12 and 25-yard targets. Choose between stationary and reactionary targets, suitable for all skill levels. Pistols are a great way to improve coordination and shooting skills.

Sporting Clays

Located near beautiful Mallard Pond, our sporting clays course is the most popular target sport at The Ranch. The course is designed to emulate the variety and unpredictability of a bird on the wing, while being comfortable in all weather. There is a covered shooting stand that includes a wood-burning stove. Multiple throwers and myriad combinations create limitless challenges for novice or highly skilled marksmen. Our range features classic “going away” shots and more tricky “running rabbit” stations, as well as 10 throwers and a chandelle target that can challenge even the most experienced enthusiasts.


Trap & Skeet

Our outstanding Trap and Skeet course is a quick-trigger challenge game designed to test the reflexes of the shooter. Skeet shooting is a fast game consisting of nine fixed shooting stations and two fixed traps, or target throwers. The shooter rotates through the stations shooting singles and doubles for a total of twenty-five shots per game.

Our trap shoot consists of five shooting lanes with varying degrees of difficulty and one fixed trap, or target thrower. The trap oscillates to create new challenging positions between shots. Each new shot varies in angle and height. Participants in a “singles” game of trap will shoot five targets from each of the five stations. In a “doubles” game the competitor shoots at five pairs and ten targets at each of the five stations.

Rifle Range

Our rifle range, located in a mountain meadow, is ideal for testing long-distance marksmanship skills. The stand is covered to protect from rain and sun and features a wood stove for added warmth. The range is 400 yards long, equipped with reactive targets. New action targets allow a visual performance as well as competitive shooting.

Novice shooters will enjoy practicing their aim, while advanced marksmen can fine-tune their long-range shooting skills. Our Rod and Gun Club has true-to-form reproductions of iconic lever action Western firearms and more contemporary rifle options.