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We love making The Ranch a homestead away from home for couples and families. Go one step further and make our Buckle Barn and adjoining lawn your own personal clubhouse and backyard during your stay. Reserve a morning or afternoon filled with fresh air, lawn games and ping-pong. Challenge your family or friends to soccer or frisbee. Hosts will check in to provide direction for games and take orders for refreshments.

Extensive sanitation procedures are followed between reservations in the Buckle Barn, in addition to regular disinfecting of high-touch areas. Only sanitized equipment will be offered to our guests.

At a Glance:

  • Twice-daily on-ranch adventures are included in your stay
  • Outdoor activities
    • Soccer, frisbee, archery thrower
  • Ping-pong table located inside
  • Read more about social distancing, safety and sanitization