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Guests love the thrill of riding Montana on horseback or on a mountain or e-bike, but we also recommend exploring our diverse eco-system on foot. Follow the Eastern valley through pine forests and rhyolite outcroppings to summit Paradise Peak. Hike the Western hills through wildflower meadows to Mary Beth’s Peak and Top of the World.

The trails along Rock Creek are ideal for a short stroll, while avid backpackers can appreciate The Ranch’s 20+ miles of trails as an advanced hiking resort. Get outfitted with hiking boots and a trail map at the Rod & Gun Club. Schedule a guided hike for an in depth look at the flora, fauna and history of The Ranch. Try Geotagging, a hiking activity that uses GPS coordinates to find Ranch landmarks.

Guests will be challenged to take a photo on each of The Ranch’s five peaks to earn a place on our “brag board” at The Rod & Gun Club.