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Our certified master naturalists reveal the fascinating complexities of Southwest Montana’s diverse ecosystem. The Rock Creek valley was carved by Glacial Lake Missoula during the last ice age, and it still boasts a thriving waterway in its namesake stream. Learn about its incredible biodiversity as a rare home to both bald and golden eagles, a thriving moose habitat, and a destination world-renowned for its fly hatches and sapphires.

During your two-hour excursion, you’ll learn about wildlife tracking, migration, habitats, flora, fauna, geology and more. Your naturalist will delve into subjects that are meaningful to you. In the tradition of John Audubon and Lewis and Clark, you’ll receive a sketch book and instruction on how to keep a naturalists’ log. At the end of every trek, spend a half an hour or more sketching and journaling the subjects that inspired you. Use your newly attuned senses, understanding and identification skills to journal during the remainder of your stay and return home with a treasured memento.