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Ride Along with a Rancher

For guests interested in a behind-the-scenes view of our working ranch, join our Ranch team for 1-3 hours as they tend to their daily tasks or learn about the herd and the art and science behind our cattle program. Learn the history of The Ranch’s 127-year old homestead and what it takes to run a modern cow-calf operation.

This unique experience is tailored to what’s required on The Ranch that day and the interests of the guests. For instance, during calving season, you might check on newborn calves, or during the cooler months, you might head out to feed hay to the herd. Some days the activity will take place with utility terrain vehicles (UTV) and some days it will be on horseback. Please speak to your Ranch Ambassador about your preferences and riding abilities.

Team Penning

Experienced riders can learn cattle sorting, one of the most skillful tasks required of a modern cowboy. Saddle up with one of our Ranch horses and enter the arena to learn about the importance of movement, positioning and behavior when working with cattle herds. Practice sorting cattle into different pens.

Based on a traditional event in Ranch rodeos, our team penning activity culminates in a friendly competition between teams to sort cattle into pens in a race against the clock.