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Just like Montana itself, a rodeo has a Spanish origin coupled with vibrant Western heritage. Rodeos developed on working ranches where cowboys, or “vaqueros,” developed skills to manage cattle and horses, like roping, taming rough stock and herding.

Before the rodeo each Tuesday in the summer, one of our experienced wranglers leads a tour of the Camp Roosevelt arena and explains the history and husbandry of the rodeo – aided by our knowledgeable Ranch Manager who competed in PRCA bull-riding for eight years. Then, guests get involved by helping wrap the roping steers, trying their skills on the bucking barrel, helping sort the rough stock and watching practice rounds through the arena.

The Ranch hosts a weekly ranch rodeo in the Camp Roosevelt Arena. Cheer on your favorite wranglers as they race around the barrels, rope and show off their hard-earned horsemanship and herdsmanship skills.