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Yoga + Meditation


Inclusive Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Retune your senses to the natural world. Release tension during a yoga or meditation practice. Instructor Mary Ferrari leads sessions to aid in reawakening awareness. Hear the twittering of song birds, smell the wild sage on the breeze, and feel the earth beneath you. Meditation and yoga help map new mental pathways and serve as the perfect complement to your trailblazing adventures on The Ranch. Return home refreshed in mind, body and spirit.

Available Classes (Times and locations change based on season):

Flow + Stretch Yoga | Offered Winter + Spring | Appropriate for beginners and advanced yogis, this all levels class warms up the body with gentle movement and dials down with different sequences to stretch and heal achy muscles. Closing with a guided meditation to ease you into a blissful state of mind.
Indoor or Outdoor, Weather Depending | Time: 10-11 AM

Yoga Nidra Meditation | Offered Year-Round | Also known as yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that is relaxing and incredibly restorative for the brain. This passive meditation is practiced in a supported and comfortable position making it a great practice for beginners. As you follow guided cues, you will reach a deep state of relaxation as you bridge the gap between mind body and spirit.
Indoor or Outdoor, Weather Depending | Time: 2:00-3:00 PM

Root Down Yoga | Offered Summer + Fall | Ground into your surroundings as we explore different yoga poses and breathing techniques to alleviate stress and fatigue. This all-levels yoga practice is the perfect complement to the adventurous activities that await you here at The Ranch.
Indoor or Outdoor, Weather Depending | Time: 9:30-10:30 AM

Exclusive Yoga Sessions (Additional Cost)

Available Classes (Times and locations change based on season):

Sunrise Yoga | Offered Year-Round | Greet the day with an invigorating Vinyasa flow class. This up-beat yoga session is designed to build strength and increase flexibility. Be sure to request areas of the body you would like to heal, stretch or strengthen.
Indoor or Outdoor, Weather Depending | Time: 7-8:30AM

The Science of Pranayama + Sound Healing Meditation | Offered Year-Round | Harness the capability to find peace and mental clarity as we delve into various forms of breath work. In this meditation class you will learn different breathing techniques to support your personal meditation practice. This guided practice is accompanied by the soothing sound of sing bowls leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
Indoor or Outdoor, Weather Depending | Time: 2-3:30PM

Re-wilding Meditation + Sound Healing | Offered Summer + Fall | Reconnect your spirit to nature and sooth your nervous system with this meditation in nature. This all levels practice begins with a grounding walking meditation and progresses to a guided meditation that focuses on reconnecting our spirit to the land. The session will be held in the beautiful natural scenery surrounding The Ranch and is accompanied by a soothing sound bath, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
90-Minute Session

Yoga + Hike | Offered Summer + Fall | Whether you are new to yoga or looking to refine your practice, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of The Ranch at Rock Creek with a yoga experience curated to your personal needs. Enjoy a hike through one of the many nature trails on property to a scenic location for a grounding yoga practice.
60-Minute Yoga Session + 90-Minute Hike

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga | Offered July + August, Weather Dependent | Bring your swimsuit and towel for this private yoga expedition to Georgetown Lake. A fun and mindful practice using the awareness of the breath and its connection to balance. Your experience begins with basic stand-up paddle board instruction, and advances to yoga poses on the SUP board. This class is appropriate for beginners or experienced yogis.
120-Minute Yoga Session + 1.5 hours travel time

Yoga + Meditation Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is yoga included in my stay?
  • Will I be able to social distance during my activities?
  • Will I need to wear a mask during the class?
  • Are yoga and meditation sessions private?

Yes, yoga and meditation are part of our all-inclusive activities program. These sessions are only available at certain times and on certain days.

The following circumstances will require an additional cost to book per the chart above:

  • Booking outside of our activity offering times. Consult your Ranch Ambassador to find out included times.
  • Booking a yoga or meditation class in addition to two included daily activities,
  • Booking a session with more than five people in your party.

Yes. Yoga and meditation classes may need to change location between indoor and outdoor because of the weather. Each class is capped at 5 participants so that social distancing can be maintained from the instructor.

During special event classes, we will maintain a space of 6 feet between all participants.

Yoga class guests will be required to wear a mask until they reach their mat. Once on their mats, masks can be removed as long as we maintain social distancing.

For all included or additional cost sessions, guests have the option for the instructor and participants to wear masks during the practice.

Due to COVID-19 safety, all included and additional cost sessions are private to your party for up to five guests.

If your group is larger than five people, please contact your Ranch Ambassador to see if a larger location will be possible. Classes larger than five participants will incur an extra charge. Please see the pricing above.