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What is Glamping?

Glamping, a Global Travel Trend

Over the past 10 years, glamping has moved up the ranks of the travel world. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s a primer on this growing trend. While it might seem like a silly word, these hybrid concepts are nothing new to the English language. (For example, “Automobile” combines the Greek word for self with Latin word for moveable.)

Glamping is the combination of the words “glamour” and “camping.” Although backpackers will scoff at the idea that camping can be upgraded, many people who have slept on the ground for a night or two might admit that they prefer some small luxuries, like a mattress, a shower or a delicious, filling meal prepared after a day of hiking.

A seating area in a canvas cabin at The Ranch at Rock Creek Read more…

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Rethinking Spring Break

During spring in Granite County, everywhere you turn something has started anew. The land looks and smells green and earthy. Thousands of calves have been born within 100 miles of us, and they roam the fields in little gangs challenging each other to running races. If we could bottle that contagious feeling of spring renewal and send it out into the world, we would. But it wouldn’t be the same without seeing the fawns poking their noses out of the tall grass or the endless open spaces that make Montana such a unique destination.


We want to harness that contagious feeling of spring renewal for travelers and propose some reasons to get out and take a spring break now—before the fevered excitement of summertime begins. If you’re looking for your own spring cleaning, for body, mind or soul, here are some once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities that are sure to recharge you. Read more…

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Winter Getaways: 10 Calorie-Melting Snow Sports

According to a oft-quoted Statistic Brain study, the most commonly made New Year’s resolution is losing weight. But it can be hard to stick to a resolution like this if you’re used to being a homebody in the winter. When January 1 comes around, it’s easy to choose a good book and crackling fire over bundling and braving the outdoors.

The Nordic Bonfire is one of our new winter experiences that mixes gourmet cuisine with fireside camaraderie

The Benefits of Frost & Fire

Yet, as a destination built on the spirit of play, we know that outdoor experiences and experiential travel can prime your body and mind for the year ahead. So we bring the cozy fire outside with our weekly Nordic Bonfire (see above), and supply all the gear, guides and warmth necessary to enjoy winter to the fullest. This year, we’re taking things a step farther and celebrating winter with new activities and a Frost & Fire winter fête between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Frost & Fire will celebrate the best adventures, farm-to-table cuisine, drinks and quintessential snowy moments in one winter getaway. If you’re looking for an inspiring way to start a new year with friends or a loved one, this is it!

Winter Getaways & Workouts

Winter getaways can also jumpstart your fitness goals. We’ve used our robust winter activities program and our own Montana winter experiences to inspire this blog. The Ranch at Rock Creek is a “choose your own adventure” of winter fun. We suggest guests channel their sense of childlike wonder and pick what suits their bodies and ambitions best—a heart-pumping workout or a serene, slow-paced wander.


Below is a list of our winter vacation activities in order of approximate calories burned per hour for a 150-pound person. If you can’t visit us at The Ranch, we hope they can inspire you to get out before it’s too late and these amazing workouts are gone again for another year. Read more…

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Book Concierge: Laura Munson of Haven Writing Retreat

Following the example of NPR’s book concierge, Haven Writing Retreat host, Laura Munson, takes the reins this week as our Western Book Concierge. Her list can be a gift guide for your favorite bibliophile or serve as your own literary itinerary. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a one-of-a-kind experience this holiday season, consider booking a spot on a Haven Retreat.


Read more…

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Winter Travel: Luxury in Wild Montana

Winter travel to the secluded Montana wilderness and ranchland may sound more rugged than a trip to Aspen or Chamonix; however, the success of Disney’s Frozen, makes us wonder if more travelers want an unconventional winter holiday—bundled up and riding in a horse-drawn sleigh to a private winter hideaway. If you want to return to the feeling that powdery snow is much more than lift lines and crowded bars, then it’s time to raise your travel expectations and watch our winter travel video.

Read more…

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Montana Made: Pintler Punch

The “A” in August must stand for “arid” because it’s the driest month on a Montana ranch resort. Ranchers don’t complain because the weather is ideal for cutting, raking and baling hay.

The Ranch grows and harvests hay for our herd of longhorn cattle and horses

Soon we’ll be celebrating our all-inclusive Autumn Harvest Weekend and thinking about the fall colors, but for now, steady hot temperatures have us thirsty, conjuring up visions of the watering hole. Just like the best dude ranch vacations, the summer cocktail is all about balance—between salty and sweet, bubbly and still.

When six o’clock rolls around, Ranch guests head to The Great Room in the Granite Lodge to relax after a day of horseback riding , archery or hiking Montana trails. Cocktail connoisseurs may wonder what the world’s only Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star luxury guest ranch serves parched guests. Our bartenders craft drinks to taste, but we also offer seasonal drinks that use herbs from Chef Drage’s garden, syrupy stone fruit and foraged berries.


Here’s one of this year’s favorites—the Pintler Punch, named after the Pintler Mountain Range near The Ranch’s southern border. Read more…

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Goodbye Big Air. Hello Big Fish.

So Long Skiing

It’s over. The final day of our extra spectacular ski season has come and gone. Since December, our guests have embraced winter sports and adventures with gusto on The Ranch. They’ve had powder days and conquered moguls on the backside at Discovery Ski Basin.


It should come as no surprise – nobody suffers from cabin fever at The Ranch at Rock Creek. (Except the Canvas Cabin variety). But, spring fever is another story.  On a warm April day, we bid a fond farewell to winter. 

Hello Fly Fishing

We’ll make it official: Goodbye Big Air. Hello Big Fish.

Casting lessons on Rock Creek are part of fly fishing adventures at The Ranch at Rock Creek

Anglers are headed outside to the water’s edge to sharpen their skills. We practice our art form and daydream about the big fish we’ll catch this year.  Where will we be when the salmon flies hatch? Expectations are mounting. And, we can’t wait for our guests to experience spring fly fishing on our beautiful Rock Creek.

A trout gets ready to eat a fly in Rock Creek, a Blue Ribbon trout stream in Montana

From the banks of our pristine freestone mountain stream, we see wild creatures–elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep–traverse the valley floor.  Our eyes gaze up.  Nature has begun to paint a fresh landscape. Snow still drapes the surrounding peaks but recedes each day. It travels crooked paths through the rock and round hills, triggering sprouts of green.

A springtime scene in the Rock Creek Valley with green grass, mountains and stormy skies

We look at the runs and start scouting new spots. In the creek bottom, sediment loosens with the flush of mountain waters. Habitats are created for a new generation of fish and the myriad of aquatic insects. Rainbows, cutthroats and cutbows flash their most vibrant colors to attract a mate.

Our beloved Rock Creek is coming alive.

Our special Spring Fly Fishing Special is available April 15 through June 9. Floating on Rock Creek is only available until June 30th, so book that bucket list fly fishing vacation as soon as possible.