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Silver Dollar Saloon: Cocktails for the New Year


Luck is a luxury few of us take for granted—whether you believe that luck comes by eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve or by a conscious decision to make your own luck in the coming year. Most cultures believe that the New Year should start by getting together with friends and family, and we agree that it’s only right to recognize that the earth’s revolution around the sun holds enough gravitas to warrant a special weekend of celebration and relaxation.

Cocktails From the Silver Dollar Saloon

At The Ranch at Rock Creek, we celebrate Midnight in Montana with a special dinner, live music, fireworks and plenty of libations in The Buckle Barn. Guests spend the day in The Spa at Rock Creek, downhill skiing at a powder-filled Discovery Ski Area or skating on the pond. The winter activities continue as long as the snow does. All our winter stays include downhill skiing and snowboarding.


Each Ranch celebration calls for signature cocktails, fit to the festivities. This year, our bartenders have created The Resolution and The Grand Fashioned. The Resolution is a wilder take on the French 75, made with Quicksilver vodka from the Montgomery Distillery in Missoula, rather than gin. The Grand Fashioned is the classic whiskey cocktail (and Montana favorite) in rose-colored glasses. They are both well-balanced and likely to sharpen your resolve, if only during the wee hours of 2015.



Guests at The Ranch at Rock Creek this New Year will also have a chance to try drinks like the Holiday Reviver, Fallen Angel, Nutcracker and Santa’s Standard. A trip to The Buckle Barn and the Silver Dollar Saloon is likely to be a spirited journey for the craft cocktail connoisseur.

We hope you’ll test out these recipes and drink responsibly. After a drink, you might be ready to start writing your New Year’s resolutions. Read about cowboy-inspired resolutions before you put pen to paper. Three cheers to our Blog at Rock Creek readers!

Find our recipes for Yule Mule and the Homestead Hot Toddy on this blog. Follow The Ranch’s festivities and adventures on Instagram