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Granite Spa & Little Barn Apothecary

Granite Spa is the First Professional Spa to Feature Little Barn Apothecary

The Granite Spa at The Ranch at Rock Creek is just down the boardwalk from the Granite Lodge's flagstone

This year has been filled with growth and change for our Granite Spa. After five years of delivering a specialized menu of exceptional signature treatments, like the Saddle Sore Soak and Rock Creek Ritual, our talented team has added seasonal treatments, raindrop therapy with essential oils, weekly fitness classes, weekly complimentary yoga, and a unique offering of outdoor yoga and family yoga.

A Granite spa instructor leads pilates in an aspen grove at The Ranch at Rock Creek

A Wilder Spa Experience

Our spa was built to be more than just a place to get pampered; it is designed to be a complementary experience to our twice-daily adventures and farm-to-table dining. We believe it is an essential component in a wellness and nature-focused vacation.

Many of our fall special offers and all of our winter special offers feature spa treatments that complement the chosen seasonal experience—whether it’s a snowy yoga retreat, a romantic couples getaway, an alpine skiing adventure or the modern outdoorsman’s dream vacation.

All Granite Spa treatments come with access to our Cedar Sauna
Our cedar sauna is included in all Granite Spa treatments. This is high on our list of winter wellness activities. 

When our guests unplug under the big Montana sky and enjoy outdoor activities such as horseback riding, fly fishing, snowshoeing and Snowga, they become close to the land and delight in the sights, sounds and scents of our wild and diverse terrain. Our Lead Esthetician Elsa Janney incorporates locally or property-foraged ingredients like huckleberries, dandelions and sage, so that guests smell the scents of the season and experience the healing powers of flora in bloom.
Estheticians at The Ranch at Rock Creek gather dandelions for use in seasonal spa treatments Lead Spa Esthetician Elsa captured this image while foraging for dandelions on Ranch property.

Little Barn Apothecary Partnership

As the Granite Spa expanded its treatments and services, the spa team sought a skincare line that would align with the goal of using raw or gently refined ingredients in place of harsh chemicals or additives. After an extensive search, they found a new company with a simple message and strong ideals in Little Barn Apothecary. Beginning in 2015, the co-founders Joshua Morgan and Brad Scoggins started producing a safe, alternative modern apothecary line from organic and wild-harvested ingredients.

The Granite Spa is the first professional spa to use Little Barn Apothecary bloom to bottle products

“I brought Little Barn into the Granite Spa because they meet our lofty standards of health and wellness. The Granite Spa treatments are designed to be clean, fresh and energizing while promoting healing in highly customized ways; Little Barn does the same. They use only organic ingredients and natural plant/flower essences. I feel safe using these products on my skin and in turn on my clients’ skin.” – Elsa Janney, Lead Esthetician

This company aims to create a truly simple ritual of self-care filled with simple formulations—each loaded with unique aromas, centered around herbaceous, earthy tones, luxurious textures of natural exfoliants, organic butters and cold pressed plant-based oils.

LBA Products

Thanks to a mutual appreciation for harnessing wild beauty in our work, The Granite Spa is honored to pioneer the use of Little Barn Apothecary’s organic goods in our treatment rooms. In order to accommodate our spa, and others that are sure to follow, Little Barn developed a professional line of back bar products for our luxury spa experience.

We will be using Little Barn’s products in some of our most popular treatments, including the Rock Creek Custom Facial (see below), the Fisherman’s Facial, the Saddle Sore Soak and the Sapphire Pedicure. We will also be pairing them with guest favorites, like the Pumpkin Facial, during our upcoming Autumn Harvest and Thanksgiving celebrations.

Granite Spa Lead Esthetician prepares a facial using Little Barn Apothecary products
Elsa prepares Little Barn Apothecary Products for the Rock Creek Custom Facial, including Blue Yarrow & Geranium Cleansing Oil, Charcoal & Aloe Foaming Face Cleanser, Jasmine & Geranium Body Scrub and Cocoa & Cardamom Detox Mask. 

Owners Joshua Morgan and Brad Scoggins reiterated how well their products match with the Granite Spa’s standards, “Little Barn Apothecary’s ‘Bloom to Bottle’ philosophy provides organic, wild-crafted, plant-based, chemical-free products, which enhance the Granite Spa’s desire to provide luxurious, holistic treatments.”

Wellness Travel Awards

We’re proud of what the Granite Spa has accomplished in the past 12 months, so we’re pleased that others have been taking note. The Robb Report featured our Raindrop Therapy, a treatment using essential oils in a sequence down the spine in combination with massage to boost immunity in road-weary travelers. This spring, we were featured in Organic Spa Magazine as one of the spas “with a wild side.”

A treatment room at The Granite Spa in Montana

A few weeks ago, Spafinder announced that we were a finalist in the 2016 Wellness Travel Awards. An elite global panel of 39 spa and wellness travel editors and experts voted us as finalists in the following categories: Best for Men, Best for Outdoor Adventure & Activities and Best for Couples. The awards honor hotels, resorts, destination spas, and retreats offering the best wellness travel, vacations and experiences worldwide. Thank you to all who voted for their favorite spa and wellness experiences. You help us to improve and remain true to our wild roots. 

If wellness, yoga or spa treatments rank high on your list of favorite travel experiences, we hope you will visit!