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Extraordinary Journeys: Fly Fishing


Summer in Montana can take on a faster pace than other seasons. The long days make you want to get up earlier in the morning and stay awake after the stars come out—with the recent full moon and the alignment of Venus and Jupiter, there’s been plenty to see after dark. However, it’s when we slow down and enjoy an activity for several hours that we are amazed by Montana’s wildlife and scenery.  A recent guest took some time to write about her experience with one of our signature activities, fly fishing. We think she captured the slow pace, patience and beauty of fishing on Rock Creek, as well as the valuable experience of working one-on-one with our guides to master one of the most elusive fly fishing techniques. Thanks, Gwen for sharing your adventure. 

Words of Wisdom—Fly Fishing

by Special Guest Blogger Gwen Books

Properly Presented Dry Flys Will Catch Fish...after a few hours on Rock Creek with my fishing guide, Riley Fitting, he uttered the prophetic phrase. I was successful in catching two large trout and one baby trout, however it was due to his assistance…as in his shouting: Hook It!


I grew up fishing, my father had three daughters and it didn’t deter him from teaching us one of his favorite pastimes. Not as much fly fishing as baiting with a worm or lure and dropping in a lake or stream. I’ve only recently realized seeing fish in a creek or following the fly downstream is a challenge for my aging eyes. I spent a half day fly fishing at The Brando Island and neither Teihotu or I caught a fish, and I never even saw them in the gin clear sea. Read more…

Tag: cutbow trout

Goodbye Big Air. Hello Big Fish.

So Long Skiing

It’s over. The final day of our extra spectacular ski season has come and gone. Since December, our guests have embraced winter sports and adventures with gusto on The Ranch. They’ve had powder days and conquered moguls on the backside at Discovery Ski Basin.


It should come as no surprise – nobody suffers from cabin fever at The Ranch at Rock Creek. (Except the Canvas Cabin variety). But, spring fever is another story.  On a warm April day, we bid a fond farewell to winter. 

Hello Fly Fishing

We’ll make it official: Goodbye Big Air. Hello Big Fish.

Casting lessons on Rock Creek are part of fly fishing adventures at The Ranch at Rock Creek

Anglers are headed outside to the water’s edge to sharpen their skills. We practice our art form and daydream about the big fish we’ll catch this year.  Where will we be when the salmon flies hatch? Expectations are mounting. And, we can’t wait for our guests to experience spring fly fishing on our beautiful Rock Creek.

A trout gets ready to eat a fly in Rock Creek, a Blue Ribbon trout stream in Montana

From the banks of our pristine freestone mountain stream, we see wild creatures–elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep–traverse the valley floor.  Our eyes gaze up.  Nature has begun to paint a fresh landscape. Snow still drapes the surrounding peaks but recedes each day. It travels crooked paths through the rock and round hills, triggering sprouts of green.

A springtime scene in the Rock Creek Valley with green grass, mountains and stormy skies

We look at the runs and start scouting new spots. In the creek bottom, sediment loosens with the flush of mountain waters. Habitats are created for a new generation of fish and the myriad of aquatic insects. Rainbows, cutthroats and cutbows flash their most vibrant colors to attract a mate.

Our beloved Rock Creek is coming alive.

Our special Spring Fly Fishing Special is available April 15 through June 9. Floating on Rock Creek is only available until June 30th, so book that bucket list fly fishing vacation as soon as possible.