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Top Rancher Captures of 2018

If you already follow The Ranch on Instagram, you may already know that every Thursday a Rancher takes the helm of our account to tell their story. Ranch Life Takeovers are an opportunity to hear from people who are the heart and soul of The Ranch. Instagram was created for smart phones—to help us all channel creativity as we document our day-to-day life. Though we like a little #tbt during our takeovers, our Ranch Instagram is a snapshot of what’s going on from moment to moment at one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Here are some of the most-loved Rancher photos of 2018.

Click on the photo to see the full-sized photo or watch the video.

1. Moose Family at Bluebird Cabin
by Christopher Peden @christopher_peden10


In fall of 2018, we almost started calling it our “moostagram” account because we were able to share images of these imposing and fascinating creatures almost every week. Driver Christopher Peden caught this “family” between Bluebird Cabin and our Historic Barn. While mother and calf looked for food, a young bull was hoping for a little fall romance. Swipe to view more images of this group of ungulates.

2. The First Snow
by Yoga Instructor Leigh Dollard @leigh_yoginandi & Marketing Specialist Tricia Erickson


Our Ranchers were out in force as the first snowflakes made their way into the Rock Creek Valley. Though it was September 24th, our first snow had actually come almost two weeks earlier in 2017. They melted quickly, but everyone was very excited that winter was coming.

3. Please Never Leave, Autumn
by Master Naturalist & Lead Little Grizzlies Coordinator Kelsey Bruns @kmadelynbruns


Despite the winter excitement, almost a month later, we were sad to see fall on it’s way out. These cottonwoods near Anaconda made our Master Naturalist Kelsey Bruns plead with fall to stay a little longer. The whole world turns golden and its hard to come in for the night.

4. Early Morning Commute
by Guest Services Manager Linda Walser

Guest Services Manager Linda Walser shared her story and our followers were blown away by the scenery that she regularly sees on her commute. Stunning sunrises are extremely common in Gold Country.

5. Jack Frost at the Granite Lodge
by Server Sydney Schroeder @syd_sunshine92


Shortly after this photo was taken, one of our returning servers, Sydney, left for the season. We were sad to see her go, especially when she captured ephemeral moments at The Ranch so beautifully.

6. November at Camp Roosevelt
by Housekeeping Associate Rhianne Cipat @supahhfriend


Just after Halloween, the aspen leaves still blanketed the ground and the skies were clear. Rhianne caught this photo of the original homestead at The Ranch, which includes the Historic Barn and River House.

7. Snowy Day on Horseback
by Christopher Peden @christopher_peden10


After his moose moment rose up the ranks on our feed, Christopher Peden did a Ranch takeover. He caught this moment on a snowy fall day when he was exploring The Ranch’s 6,600 acres.

8. Moose on the Loose
by General Manager Jon Martin @jonbuckley1


We remember this day well. General Manager Jon Martin was hosting a game of archery tag for Housekeeping Appreciation Week, when this “guest” decided to cut across the Buckle Barn lawn on his way to Rock Creek. There’s nothing that says “half-time” like a 1,500 lb. moose.

9. Horses Running in the Rain
by Yoga Instructor Leigh Dollard @leigh_yoginandi


Yoga Instructor Leigh Dollard seems to have a knack for capturing serene moments on The Ranch. The clip clop of hooves was the most beautiful music to our ears. We’d happily let it play in the background for hours, if we have to be behind a computer screen.

10. Bighorn Rams in the Fall
by Activities Manager Shea Shaughnessy @sheashaughnessy


Activities Manager and Photography Guide Shea Shaughnessy shared this gorgeous capture of another type of Rock Creek resident, the Bighorn sheep. It’s not unusual to see these beautiful creatures throughout the year near the road or climbing up the steep valley cliffs.

We hope you’ll join us on Instagram in 2019, if you haven’t already. We give away curated goods from the Mercantile every time we welcome 5,000 more followers. Though our Montana county only has 3,000 residents, we’re thrilled to have such a robust extended ranch community. We hope you have a happy holiday, from our homestead to yours!