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Mercantile Style: Vintage Fall Fashion



In the first hundred years of Montana’s history, ranchers, cowboys and miners had only one place to go for dry goodsthe Mercantile. In fact, one of Montana’s biggest cities, Missoula, the Mercantile building is a place of history and pride years after it held any merchandise. The Ranch at Rock Creek’s Mercantile is designed to be a Montana trade hub, stocking local craftsman and exceptional outdoor brands. In fact, when you enter “The Merc,” you may get a feeling that you are in another era. Our staff are trained to do custom boot fittings and provide expert advice on outfitting yourself for ranch life, with products that will last decades, rather than seasons, with good care. No one living in the mountains has ever regretted investing in well-crafted gear. Quality material and attention to detail help prepare Montanans for wherever the dirt road may take them.



If you’re around Missoula, please join us on Sunday, December 4th at Montgomery Distillery when The Ranch’s Merc hosts a Holiday Sip & Shop, with sales on many of our favorite brands. You can find exceptional deals on luxury brands like Filson and Patagonia, and contribute to the spirit of giving. 10% of proceeds will benefit Free Cycles.  The shop will be open from 2 to 7 PM, so grab a friend, a drink and enjoy a bit of Mercantile-style shopping—where there’s a little bit of everything and it’s all adventure-worthy.

Fashion with a Purpose

Our fall fashion choices are warm, comfortable and authentic. We recommend that anyone visiting The Ranch take some time at the Mercantile to find something that can be both souvenir and fashion staple. If you can’t make it to our luxury guest ranch now, here’s an example of an outfit things that you might see in our Mercantile. Ranch fashion requires versatility, whether you’re sliding into the saddle or saddling up to the bar.


1. 83 Pinched Broker Hat, Rand’s Custom Hats | 2. Denim Western Shirt, J.Crew | 3. Vintage Shearling Denim Jacket, Levis | 4. Field Guide Bag, Goertzen Adventure Equipment | 5. Sterling and turquoise earrings, Silver Tribe | 6. Skinny Bootcut, Joe’s Jeans | 7. Vintage Navajo Belt Buckle, Etsy Store: iCollectSouthwest | 8. Finley Boots, Lucchese | 9. Russian Scarf, Vintage | 10. Hand Tooled Western Belt, Etsy Store: Amazing Leather

Ranch Inspiration

This first volume of Mercantile Style features women’s fall fashion inspired by timeless ranch elements, such as weathered wood, saddle blankets and cowboy gear. It mixes modern denim with vintage ranch attire. Staple items like this Goertzen bag, crafted in Missoula, can be seen on the hip of nearly every Ranch at Rock Creek staff member. This is also the time of year to trade the straw for felt hats, and Rand’s Custom Hats out of Billings is a Merc staple.


Denim and leather are ubiquitous among ranch residents for their classic durability and quality. Low-key earth tones let brilliant colors, like poppy red and turquoise, stand out. Montana terrain calls for sturdiness in footwear making boots a go-to daily choice. Navajo crafted jewelry adds subtle flash without sacrificing caliber.


We hope you’ll find some inspiration in details like the red paint on our horse barn, pine cones in our wild forests and in our sturdy, sun-bleached bridge over Rock Creek (pictured above). Stay tuned for the next volume of Mercantile Style, and pack your bags accordingly. In the meantime, get a dose of Mercantile Style on Instagram or Pinterest. If you can, save the hat and boot fittings to our experts at The Ranch at Rock Creek.


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