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Ranch Cuisine

The Ranch at Rock Creek kitchen tells a story about Montana stock, wildlife, herb and harvest. With regionally and locally sourced organic ingredients, Chef Drage’s Ranch menus and dining experiences mirror Montana seasonal bounty. Preparation is equal parts mountain tradition and modern palate, often employing a wood fire grill, a Dutch oven or the full array of a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Ranch style dining captures experiences like horseback riding through grasslands and, later, tasting Montana alfalfa in the grass-fed beef or wildflowers in a Sapphire Mountain honey vinaigrette. Raise your glass to farm and ranch-to-table cuisine with an expertly paired local draught or regional wine. All meals are included and tailored to dietary restrictions and preferences. A children’s menu is always available.

The Granite Lodge Dining Room

Chef Josh Drage

Our Executive Chef began cooking at just 12 years old in his mother’s kitchen in a small cabin outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Professionally trained in the culinary arts, Chef Drage is celebrated for creating unique Montana ranch cuisine. At The Ranch, he focuses on real food from local producers offering organic and sustainable meats and produce. Chef Drage continues to push the envelope with bold flavors and healthy ingredients, while taking inspiration from working kitchens in cattle-producing regions.

Passionate about cooking food that reflects the spirit and lifestyle of Montana, Chef Drage changes menus on a daily basis to provide guests with unforgettable dining experiences in our idyllic setting. Ranch life is about adventures in the outdoors. Our cuisine is nourishing and healthy for active people on a ranch.

Chef Josh Drage