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The Rod and Gun Club is the adventure hub of The Ranch. In 2018, we created a large new home for our activities center near Welcome Pond. The new structure has allowed us to continue the development of our all-inclusive activities program and award-winning family programming.

Within the first hours of checking into The Ranch, guests can make their way to the Rod & Gun Club on foot or using their personal Ranch mountain bike. Our Activities Concierge arranges 45 different activities throughout the year and provides trail maps for a number of different activities.

Our staff also provides to-go activity kits for young explorers to enjoy at their accommodation, in line with our Little Grizzlies program.

Accommodating our guests’ preferences and desires is our top priority. While we do not have cancellation fees, our Rod & Gun staff strongly encourages pre-booking twice-daily activities and discussing changes with a Ranch Ambassador. In order to maintain social distancing and limit contact, we will provide staggered start times for activities and we ask that guests abide by those carefully for the safety of our guests and staff. See the FAQ below for more information on our sanitation and safety precautions.

The Rod & Gun Club also the best place to ask questions about exploring our 6,600 acres of ranch land. As well as providing expert guides, activity arrangements and insider knowledge, the Rod & Gun Club is filled with all the essential equipment you would need for our outdoor pursuits, from hiking and cowboy boots to cross-country skis to the ideal flies for fishing in Montana.

If you like the equipment and brands we use, some gear can be purchased directly from the Activities Concierge. The Rod & Gun staff also arranges off-Ranch activities and excursions for an additional cost. If you would like to learn more about these adventures, like scenic float trips or sapphire mining, please read about our Off-Ranch Excursions or contact a Reservations Specialist at 1-877-786-1545 or welcome@theranchatrockcreek.com.

Activities Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to social distance during my activities?
  • Will I need to wear a mask during my activities and my stay?
  • How is the Rod & Gun Club scheduling activities to ensure guest safety?
  • Will I be charged cancellation fees?
  • Have The Ranch reduced the number of available activities?
  • Will you provide all our gear and equipment?
  • How will I be fitted with necessary gear or equipment that I wasn't able to bring?
  • How are you keeping equipment safe and sanitary?
  • How are you sanitizing high touch areas?
  • Will you be providing transportation to activities?

Absolutely. Our staff is committed to ensuring social distancing can be maintained during activities and around The Ranch. One way we are doing this is by staggering our activity start times. We ask that you be on time for your activity. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may not be able to take part in your activity.

Per CDC recommendation, masks are recommended for unvaccinated guests in all indoor spaces and outdoor areas where 6 feet of space cannot be maintained. All our employees will wear masks while indoors. Employees are also required to wear masks in vehicles going off property, such as airport transfers and off-ranch excursions. 

Our vast ranch lands allow for easy and effective social distancing, but please note that there are some instances in dining rooms, public spaces and on activities when it isn’t possible to maintain six feet of space, for example, during instruction on our gun ranges, during mounting of horses and during fly fishing casting instruction. We can accommodate guests who would prefer to have staff wear masks outdoors in their presence. Please relay this request to your Ranch Ambassador during the pre-booking process.

All guests will have activities scheduled in 30-minute increments. Guests must arrive no later than 15 minutes after their scheduled time to ensure we can limit the amount of people at the Rod & Gun Club at one time.

No. The Ranch is an all-inclusive, so we provide the activities along with all other services. However, we ask that you inform your Ranch Ambassador or the Rod & Gun Club immediately if changes are necessary. We may not be able to offer impromptu activities due to enhanced sanitation and safety procedures, so we ask that you stick to your curated schedule as closely as possible.

No. Although very few of our activities will be removed or delayed due to sanitation needs, we have actually added activities to our schedule so that there are more safe opportunities to explore The Ranch on foot, bike or horse. We’ve especially expanded adventures that allow our guests to retune to nature and look deeper into the eco-system and homestead history of The Ranch. Please see our respite on Rock Creek, cross-country mountain biking, e-biking, sapphire mining, ride along with a rancher, ranch rodeo, disc golf, frontier skills and meditation activities.

We’ve made a change from our past packing recommendations. We are now encouraging guests to bring all the clothing and gear for their stay to reduce the risks of cross-contamination with soft surfaces such as jackets, hats and boots. We will still be able to provide items at request as long as we have sanitized items to provide.

Gear and equipment, such as waders and boots, may be fitted at the site of your activity rather than at the Rod & Gun Club to reduce the number of people inside the Rod & Gun Club at any given time. Fishing licenses can be called in from your accommodation.

We are following all CDC recommendations for sanitizing items during the COVID epidemic. Procedures depend upon the material – whether wood, metal, plastic or fabric. In some cases, they are wiped clean regularly. In other cases, guests will have sanitized gear provided and will be asked to drop it in a safe place to be sanitized.

In some cases, gear has to be rested for several days in order to be considered sanitized. This is one of the reasons we have restricted certain activities to infrequent use and may not be able to switch activities upon last-minute request.

Our Sharecare Health Security Verification with Forbes Travel Guide is further proof that every precaution is maintained to keep guests and staff safe.

We are sanitizing all high touch areas, gear, equipment, and vehicles twice a day or after each use. 

We encourage all guests to walk or bike to their activity, but we will provide transportation in some cases. Drivers and guides will wear masks in these instances and we recommend that guests do so too.

Our environment was designed to be best enjoyed on foot or by bike, in order to help guests enjoy the scenery and spot wildlife.